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caGrid 1.2 Documentation

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Brief descriptions of the available documentation are as follows:

  • Administrator Guides focus on installing, deploying, and maintaining caGrid services.
  • Developer Guides are designed for caGrid service developers.
  • User Guides, where applicable, focus on non-development use of caGrid tools (e.g., logging in using GAARDS UI).

Viewing Wiki Pages Offline

You can view any page on this site offline by exporting it to a Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document.

To export a page:

  • In the menu at the top right of any page, select View > Export to Adobe Acrobat (PDF) or View > Export to Microsoft Word. Your browser prompts you to open a file in the format you selected.
Service Development Guides
Introduce Users Developers Design
Transfer Developers Design
WS-Enumeration Developers Administrators Design
Metadata Guides
Metadata Design
caDSR Design
EVS Design
Data Sharing Guides
Data Services Users Developers Administrators Design Technical
Federated Query Processor Developers Administrators Design
Bulk Data Transfer Design
Security Guides
Authentication Service Design
Credential Delegation Service Users Developers Administrators Design
Dorian Users Developers Administrators Design
Grid Trust Service Developers Administrators Design
Grid Grouper Developers Administrators Design
Web Single Sign On Users Developers Administrators Design
Workflow Guides
Workflow Design
Grid Visualization
caGrid Portal 2.0.2 Design
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